Dear Brides and Grooms!

Welcome to my website! If you are here, I assume that you are very busy with the organization of your dream wedding. Not so long ago, I was in the same boat as you are, so I know exactly what you are up to 😉

When I was a kid, I was terrified of dentists. As an adult, I felt the same way when I had to make an important decision on our wedding. And I did that with a dentist… I mean my fiancée by my side. I know, it is not easy to find the perfect wedding dress, or the ideal wedding ring. After all of that, cake-tasting and choosing your confectioner can be a very refreshing task.

But don’t worry! As time passes by, those hours spent with organising The Big Day hopefully turn into a pleasant and funny memory. And when the day arrives, all of the hard work pays off. Sit back and enjoy every single second of those 24 hours! And in a few decades when memories will be faded, the photos will always be there to recall the intimate and joyful moments.

Being a wedding photographer is one of the most exciting jobs in the world: Listening to your heartbeat during the “first-look”; watching your trembling fingers as you put on your rings during the ceremony; feeling your grandma’s squeezing arm as she hugs you; holding my breath as you take the first steps of your opening dance, just as you do.

I am eagerly waiting for sharing these moments with you in 2022!


The aim of an engagement photoshoot (or E-Session in short) is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera when The Big Day comes. In most cases, sessions will last up to 2 hours, during which time we take a short walk around a location of your choice. Meanwhile, I help you to overcome any inhibitions you may have about being photographed and we find the most pleasing poses and angles together. An E-Session not just gives you the opportunity to have really nice pictures of you, but helps you to have great photos to use for your wedding invitations and for other graphic elements as well.



Some couples have their creative shoot on a separate day (Post-Wedding Session), but most often it is done on the wedding day before the ceremony (Pre-Wedding Session). If you prefer, this is the time when we capture the “first-look”: the moment you see each other in your wedding dress and suit for the first time. Speaking from personal experience, it is one of the most exciting moments of the day 🙂 The images we take during the session are perfect for surprising your closest family members in printed form (e.g. a FineArt Photobook), which I can also help you with if required.


No more poses, no more instructions. Just pure emotion and spontaneous, unique moments. I capture these with the utmost humility and devotion, so the images I take will be joyful memories even decades later. You may have heard other brides say that the wedding day goes by so quickly like a blink of an eye. It’s truer than you think! That’s why, as a wedding photographer, I always strive to show you those small but important moments of the wedding that you may not be able to witness directly.



   No° Photographers


   Post-Wedding session

   Service hours

   No° Delivered Images






Full day coverage until 1 AM

Minimum 650



Yes OR Post-Wedding Session

Yes OR E-Session

Full day coverage until 1 AM

Minimum 500





Full day coverage until 1 AM

Minimum 400


“Despite the fact that neither of us like to be photographed, our engagement session was incredibly fun and we enjoyed every minute of it. Gábor was helpful the whole time and he didn’t hold back on our ideas. He captured the most intimate and funny moments very well. We just love all the pictures.”

Zita and Gábor

“I can only recommend him 🙂 We were extremely happy with the photos we had received.. Gábor’s personality was very positive and he was able to create a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot.”

Andrea and Zoltán

“Thank you very much for your work. We had a lot of fun watching the pictures you had taken 🙂 They turned out great. I think you got the best out of us :)”

Anita and Tibor

“We look at the photos and we can’t help but admire them! Thank you for capturing our big day! Thank you for your flexibility, for your ideas, and for the fantastic photos as well!”

Violetta és Tamás

“You took such wonderful pictures, we can’t even describe them! They are all beautiful, every single one! You have really made our day! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 🙂 I’m sure we will look at the wedding pictures with the same elation and emotion.”

Szandi and Trisztán

“The images are wonderful! We have already watched them about five times! Thank you so much for your work! You proved that we could not have chosen a better photographer.”

Evelin and Laci

“We received the photos and they are wonderful!… In addition, let me thank you for always talking to us with such patience and kindness, even encouraging us!… We got to know you as an endlessly likeable person and a very talented photographer!”

Melinda and Gyula

“Thank you very much for the photos! They are really great! We are especially happy that you took a lot of pictures of our guests as well and you captured very nice moments. I think the photos really capture the mood of the day :)”

Szilvia and Márk

“We are out of words… 🙂 Fantastic photos! Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day! We are immensely grateful for the beautiful memories!”

Szandi and Trisztán

“The pictures turned out to be really, really great! We cried and laughed as we recalled the day! You have our eternal gratitude for the wonderful images and for making our wedding unforgettable!”

Kitti and Oti

“There are no words! But we want to express how grateful we are to you! You managed to capture the truth and honest moments without any artifice, and we could not have wished for more on our Big Day. We will proudly watch them again and again And when the time comes, show them  to our children <3”

Evelin and Laci

“Thank you very, very much! The images turned out to be great! Both the wedding and the creative ones :D”

Zita and Balázs


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